Community Camp

Let's give 100 local children a week to remember!

We are aiming allow 100 children to do a week of camp in August 2020. 

We have seen how hard lockdown has been for kids. Three months inside - and too much time in front of screens - has knocked kids’ confidence. We’ve also seen the benefits of playing sports. A few days outside and the smiles come rushing back!

Our ambition is to help 100 less privileged local kids have a brilliant week of summer camp with Shooting Starz at Club Des Sports.


Give kids some structure
A wonderful reason to get up in the morning!

Give kids some social interaction in a fun environment
Many kids have lost the habit of socialising. Camp is a wonderful environment to get chatting again.

Give kids a holiday
Economic hardship is hitting some families far harder than others. We hope to help the hardest hit families. For families that can't afford to go away, we can at least give their kids a fun week in a different environment.

Give parents a break!
Families have been living on top of each other through lockdown. Getting kids out of the house for a week gives the mums and dads a breather - and a chance to get their own sanity back.


As parents and friends of Shooting Starz, we are just starting out trying to raise this money. If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you. If you've got any questions, suggestions or would like to help, contact Andy on
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We are young, friendly team dedicated to promoting enjoyment of sport for all children in the communities we serve. If you've got a question, we'd love to help.
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