At Shooting Starz, we aim to inspire and empower young people to embrace sports at every level. We take pride in our diverse services, including our brand-new clubhouse, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're considering enrolling your child in a sports program, seeking information on educational partnerships, or searching for the perfect venue for your event, we've got you covered.


Shooting Starz, established in 2013, has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has been instrumental in our success, enabling us to continuously enhance our services, facilities, and dedication to you.

In recent years, Shooting Starz has achieved substantial growth and prosperity, resulting in:

- The establishment of our new site and community clubhouse.
- Coaching more than 500+ children each week.
- Forging partnerships with esteemed brands like David Lloyds.
- Appointment of the Starz Community Trust.
- Consistently welcoming over 500+ families to our 5ives leagues.

The core of Shooting Starz's mission is fostering youth participation in sports, a principle we remain steadfastly devoted to even amidst our expansion and triumphs. Our approach centers on modern coaching techniques, prioritizing enjoyment, socialization, and fun, all of which will persist in contributing to the development and confidence of every child.


Shooting Starz is more than just a sports business; we are the heart of a thriving community and boast a versatile facility that caters to the entire family's needs. Whether you're looking for football sessions, summer camps, children's birthday parties, or corporate gatherings, we excel at providing it all, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Acton, Shooting Starz enjoys a prime location that offers convenient access to various attractions. We're mere moments away from the picturesque Acton Park, a short 5-minute stroll from Acton Central station, and a pleasant 30-minute walk from Shepherd's Bush Westfield.

Nearby attractions and activities include:

- Exploring our inviting clubhouse.
- Savoring a delightful coffee shop experience.
- Enjoying the green spaces of Acton Park.
- Embarking on a shopping adventure at Westfield shopping centre.
- Strolling along the bustling Acton high street.

Our central location ensures there's something for everyone in the vicinity, and that we are easily accessible by all forms of public transport, walking, cycling, driving and even e-scooters!

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