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At Shooting Starz, football is more than just a sport; it's our passion and expertise.

With a legacy of over a decade, we have honed our coaching techniques to perfection, offering a comprehensive range of football sessions tailored to various skill levels and age groups. Our commitment to excellence has attracted a thriving community of over 500 families actively engaged in our programs, forming a close-knit network of football enthusiasts.

We understand that the early stages of a child's footballing journey are crucial. That's why we have designed a robust and structured approach to ensure your child embarks on the right path. We offer three types of football sessions, each meticulously crafted to suit different needs and aspirations.

For beginners, our development sessions serve as the perfect starting point. These sessions emphasize skill-building, teamwork, and a deep understanding of the game's fundamentals. Our experienced coaches work closely with players to instill a solid foundation, nurturing their love for the sport and preparing them for the next stage. These sessions run on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. You can find out mor clicking the development button below.

As your child progresses and gains confidence, they can seamlessly transition to our competitive-style football sessions. Here, your child can apply their newfound skills in a more challenging and dynamic environment through trialing for FC Starz and/or joining our 5ives league. Our coaching staff remain dedicated to fostering individual growth and team cohesion, ensuring each player reaches their full potential. Your child's coach will happily help your children embark on this transition and offer tailored advice every step of the way. You can find out more about these sessions by clicking the corresponding buttons below.

To make this journey even more transparent and accessible to you as a parent, we've created a detailed graphic that outlines your child's potential footballing journey with us. This visual representation serves as a roadmap, illustrating the progression from development sessions to competitive play, ultimately ending in elite sessions designed to bridge the gap between youth and academy football.

At Shooting Starz, we take pride in guiding young athletes toward a bright and prosperous future in football. Your child's path to football excellence begins here, with a team of dedicated professionals passionate about nurturing talent and ensuring a positive and enriching experience throughout their journey.

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