Experience the Thrill of 5-a-Side with 5ives at Shooting Starz!

Step into the exciting world of 5ives, our recreational 5-a-side league hosted right here at Shooting Starz (Club Des Sports). Every Friday during term time, from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM, the action unfolds as children come together for an exhilarating evening of football fun.

A Community Gathering Like No Other:

5ives has grown into much more than a league; it's a grand community event bringing together over 500 families weekly. The atmosphere is electric, the excitement palpable, and the sense of togetherness undeniable. It's where friendships are forged, and young football enthusiasts embrace the beautiful spirit of the game.

Leagues for all School Children:

Our 5ives leagues are thoughtfully structured to cater to children years 1 to 7. The competition is fierce yet friendly, and with promotions and relegations every term, it offers the perfect balance of challenge and excitement. This system motivates the kids and provides them with tangible goals to strive for. But it's not just about winning; it's about fostering sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill development.

Honoring Excellence with Trophies:

At Shooting Starz, we believe in recognizing and celebrating talent. That's why we present trophies for standout achievements, such as being the top goal scorer, player of the season, and more. It's a way to applaud our young football stars' dedication and hard work.

Compete with Fun, No Pressure:

At Shooting Starz, we view 5ives as the ideal opportunity for your child to experience competitive football in a fun, pressure-free environment. Participation is simple—all you need is a team of 6 to 8 players from the same year group. We've made it even easier for you by offering two team management options:

- Coached Teams: You can choose to have one of our highly experienced coaches manage your team, allowing you to relax, enjoy the matches, or unwind in our clubhouse while watching your child shine on the field.

- Self-Managed Teams: If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can enter a team and take on the role of manager yourself. It's a chance to bond with your child over their football journey.

Join the 5ives Adventure:

We recommend gathering a group of 6 to 8 children from the same year group and entering them as a team. The costs can be conveniently divided among parents, making it an affordable and inclusive option.

However, if you cannot assemble an entire team but still want your child to experience the Thrill of 5-a-side, feel free to get in touch. We're here to explore possibilities and ensure every child has a chance to play and enjoy the sport they love.

5ives at Shooting Starz is more than just a football league; it's an avenue for your child to create lasting memories, embrace competition, and develop their skills—all within a supportive and vibrant community. Join us for the next exhilarating season of 5ives and watch your child's passion for football soar to new heights. BOOK NOW to embark on this football adventure!

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