Empowering Youth through Sports: The Shooting Starz Approach

At Shooting Starz, our passion for sports is at the very core of who we are. We embarked on this journey over a decade ago, focusing primarily on football. Over the past ten years, this initial spark has evolved into something remarkable. Today, under the banner of FC Starz, we take immense pride in managing and nurturing over 27 teams, catering to players aged 6 to 16. Our football club has blossomed into a thriving and vibrant community, uniting over 300 families who share our unwavering enthusiasm for the beautiful game.

Setting FC Starz Apart:

What sets FC Starz apart is the quantity and quality of our coaching, alongside a bustling community. Our approach is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to creating an environment that harmoniously balances the joy of sport with the value of hard work. Amidst this dedication, we offer world-class facilities that provide the perfect backdrop for players to grow, learn, and, ultimately, shine on the football field. FC Starz isn't just a football club; it's a dedicated community of passionate players, families, and coaches, all bound together by a shared love for the sport and a steadfast commitment to nurturing young talent.

Playing Across Local Leagues:

Our teams actively participate in various local leagues, including Middlesex and Harrow Leagues, allowing your child to engage in competitive play and showcase their skills on a broader stage.

Securing a Place at FC Starz:

A place at FC Starz is highly sought after, and we recommend that your child attend a development session before requesting a trial. This introductory experience allows them to get a feel for the sport, our club, and the high standard of play we uphold. Our leagues kick off every September, with trials typically held during the summertime. If you're considering joining mid-season, contact us as soon as possible, as available spaces are limited due to our club's popularity. To book a trial or contact our team, click here.

Unlocking the Potential of Our Youth: The Shooting Starz Philosophy

Welcome to FC Starz, where we're on a mission to ignite the passion for sports within the hearts of our youth. At Shooting Starz, we wholeheartedly believe that sports should be accessible to all, which is the bedrock of our mission. We operate as a not-for-profit organization under the benevolent umbrella of the Starz Community Trust, allowing our commitment to extend far beyond the conventional norms of youth sports. Our goal is simple and profound: to make FC Starz an exceptional experience for your child.

Investing in Excellence:

Every penny we earn is reinvested into FC Starz, ensuring it is constantly evolving and improving. Our driving force is not profit margins but a dedication to providing your child with an unmatched sporting adventure. Our facilities are a testament to this commitment, boasting state-of-the-art amenities, including a top-tier 3G pitch, a pristine grass field, and a clubhouse designed to cater to the entire family.

Incredible Partnerships, Unwavering Support:

FC Starz stands firm thanks to our support, invaluable sponsorships and partnerships with industry-leading companies. These alliances empower us to deliver coaching and resources that consistently exceed expectations. Our team of talented, experienced, and highly qualified coaches forms the backbone of our program, ensuring that every child receives top-tier training and personal attention.

A Colorful Journey to Excellence:

At FC Starz, our groups are organized by colors, with most age groups offering at least three options. For example, our U10 category features Reds, Whites, Yellows, Blues and Purples. To help your child find the ideal fit, we recommend that they attend development sessions  followed by a trial at FC Starz. Our dedicated coaches will then place them into the team that aligns best with their skills and aspirations. You are encouraged to engage in open conversations with our coaches throughout this process; they are eager to share insights and provide rationale behind their decisions.

Investing in Tomorrow, Today:

FC Starz memberships are available in the summer in preparation for the upcoming season. The season costs £800, offering flexibility with monthly installments or a lump sum payment option.

With an FC Starz membership, your child gains access to:
- Team Training every Wednesday
- Elite Athleticism Classes every Monday
- Games every Sunday

To ensure your child's safety and enjoyment, you will need to provide:
- Football boots
- Shin Pads
- Kit
We take immense pride in maintaining affordability while delivering exceptional service standards. If you require guidance on any aspect of the process, please don't hesitate to contact us or consult your child's coach. For additional queries, our comprehensive FAQ page is readily available for your convenience.

Unlocking Opportunities: Funded Places

At Shooting Starz, we believe no child should ever be deprived of the joy of sports due to financial barriers. Through the benevolence of the Starz Community Trust and generous sponsorships, we proudly offer fully funded places for families facing limited income. If your child aspires to join FC Starz, but financial constraints stand in the way, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss available options. These opportunities are limited, so we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience. At Shooting Starz, we strive to ensure that money is never a barrier to your child's dreams.

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