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At Shooting Starz we love Netball.

Starting originally with a small number of teams, our remarkable journey over the past decade mirrors the game's soaring popularity, resulting in exponential growth and unrivaled success amongst our players.

We have tirelessly refined and elevated our coaching techniques and philosophy to perfection. We proudly offer three distinct netball session types meticulously tailored to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels, with a flourishing community of over 300 families bound by their shared love for the sport.

Our three programmes are designed and crafted to ensure we start your child's sporting journey on the right foot.

Development Sessions:
- conducted twice weekly
- perfect starting point
- emphasises fundamental knowledge and skills
- cultivates teamwork
- work on technical and tactical skills for more advanced players

Whether your child is a complete beginner or an elite athlete our development sessions will give them more than just a taste of the sport, allowing them to experience the standard we play at, have fun and make friends along the way. Your child's happiness is paramount in their sporting journey, and we are here to ensure they love every minute they spend with us!

As your child progresses and their confidence soars, our coaches will assess your child's ability, and once ready, we will extend an invitation to trial for Starz NC, our elite performance netball club renowned for competing at the highest level of youth netball nationwide.

Starz NC:
- Train weeknights
- Play at weekends
- Compete at the highest level of youth netball in the country with teams playing regionally and nationally
- Competitive elite standard

For those who seek a less elite but equally enjoyable experience, there's High 5ives, our spirited 5-a-side recreational league.

High 5ives:
- Every Friday term times 4.30-7.30pm
- More than 25 teams competing against each other
- Gather your own team and play with friends!
- Coached or self-managed options.

Whatever session you decide is best, we recommend coming down for a development session first. From here our coaches can assess your child's ability and tell you the next steps. Our dedicated coaches are unwavering in their commitment to fostering individual growth and nurturing team cohesion during every session. Their mission is to ensure that each player reaches their full potential while cultivating an enduring passion for netball.

At Shooting Starz we are extremely aware of the challenges facing girls in sports. Here sport isn't gendered and girls have just as many opportunities as others to access sports programmes. We encourage them to continue this through to adulthood. We are dedicated to this, and happy to offer advice at any time. Our coaches are experienced and equipped with knowledge that can help you at any difficult time. Our sessions are safe spaces for all, please reach out if you need support.

We plan to install unwavering confidence and life-skills to your children as we accompany them through their lives. We are commited to empowering and nurturing all children in our care.

Your child's netball journey starts at Shooting Starz, and we can't wait to begin.

Below you can access a graphic, acting as a clear roadmap, that showcases your child's potential journey with us. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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