What should my child bring to each session?

Each child should have:
- sporty clothes and trainers
- a bottle of water
- a snack (especially if with us for more than 1 session or at a camp, please note we operate a no nuts policy across all camps)
- a jumper

If your child is playing football they will also need:
- shin pads
- astro trainers or football boots (if playing on 3G pitch)

What happens if it is raining heavily (or other extreme weather)?

We aim to run all of our sessions in all weathers. On rare occassions we will have to cancel sessions due to extreme weather. If this happens you will be contacted in advance and offered credit for a future session.

What qualifications do your coaches have?

All coaches are DBS/CRB checked across all sports. Football coaches are qualified to at least FA Level 1. Netball coached are qualified to at least Netball Level 1. All of our gymnastics coaches are qualified through British Gymnastics.

Do you offer scholarships or bursaries?

We are a club that wants to improve children's ability to access sports. Being from a low-income family should never affect this. We currently offer bursaries to families that cannot afford our sessions and are currently in the process of having both our FC Starz and Starz Netball clubs registered as charities to ensure we can help as many families as possible. Please note, currently these bursaries are limited, however please contact admin@shootingstarz.co.uk for more information.

How do I order kit?

Netball and football kits are ordered at the start of the season. You will be sent a link shortly after your child joins a team. Gymnastics kits are provided as part of your initial membership fee. We do make ad-hoc orders at other times of the year. Please email admin@shootingstarz.co.uk if you'd like to request a kit order. Please note all kit is subject to avaliability.

Do Shooting Starz run birthday parties?

Yes! At Shooting Starz we offer both specialist sports parties and normal parties. All party packages and more information can be found on our parties page. Alternatively, if you would simply like to hire our facility please visit our hire and events page.

Do Shooting Starz run after school clubs?

Shooting Starz has partnerships with many local schools. We offer a range of after school clubs, for more information please visit our schools page.

Do Shooting Starz run one-to-one training sessions?

One-to-one and private sessions with a coach are avaliable on request. For football coaching sessions please visit here. For netball coaching sessions please visit here. For anything else please email admin@shootingstarz.co.uk or get in contact with the coach you would like a session with directly using the details from our teams page.


What do kids need to have for the day?

- a bottle of water
- suncream and sunhat (summer months)
- jumper and warm clothing/accessories (winter months)
- a snack and lunch box (no nuts)
If you would like to book your child onto a hot lunch instead, please make sure to book this when booking your session. For more information on camps please visit our camps page.

What is the youngest age that a child can do camp?

From 3-5 years old your child can attend mini skills camp. Once they turn 5 they can then choose whether to attend football, netball, gymnastics or multi-sports camp. To see our camp options and book please visit the camps page.

What is the oldest age that a child can do camp?

Our camps run from ages 3-13 years of age. Children over twelve can attend performance camps.

What happens in Mini Skills?

Mini skills camp is designed specifically for younger children. Our coaches spend time ensuring all activities completed help to aid fundamental physical development. Mini skills also encourages children to develop skills in communication and socialisation. Mini skills camp is designed to be fun and engaging, often consisting of games like wrecking ball, battleships and foxes and rabbits. For more details on mini-skills camps click here.

What happens in Multi Sports?

Multi-sports camps are designed to be fun and engaging for all children, even those who aren't interested in sports. They often consist of a mixture of invasion games, team races and target games. Our coaches are excellent in getting all children involved and loving the day and you can be sure that no matter your child's interests, there will be something for them! Example games include: skittle ball, dodgeball, capture the flag, hockey, quidditch, volleyball, tennis and much more! For more information on multi-sports camps click here.

Should I book in advance or on the day?

Due to demand we always recommend that your book in advance. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your children are busy in half-term and summer, but it also allows us to ensure there are more than enough coaches for each activity and that we are prepared for the children needing a hot lunch. We will also be able to contact you in advance about any changes (for example, in extreme weathers). To book and read more about our camps and the different options visit our camps page here.

Please note, we will always try our best to fit you in on the day. We know plans change, but please remember that your child may not get their first choice camp, and we may not be able to offer a hot lunch.

You can pre-pay or pay on the day, but remember that prices are often higher on the day!


My child is just starting out at football. What’s the best way to get involved at Shooting Starz?

We recommend that all children trying out a sport with us for the first time first attend a development session. These are designed to be easy-going, fun-filled, zero-commitment sessions that give your child a taste of the sport whilst having fun, making friends and working on their skills.

If your child decides they want to continue with the sport we recommend you speak to your child's coach to discuss the next steps and options that are avaliable to you. Your child's coach would have observed them in each session, know their ability and will be able to recommend if they are ready to start their journey with FC Starz Teams or whether they want to explore other avenues.

For more information on development sessions click here.

How can I help my child get the most out of Shooting Starz football?

At Starz we know that a child's success depends on their enjoyment. If your child isn't enjoying their football they won't be getting the most out of it. It is really important that you support them and encourage them to enjoy the sport, rather than seeing it as competition and feeling pressured. Our top tips are:

- don't put pressure on them: enjoyment is key and most kids love playing football!
- stay and watch: for their first few sessions stay until you know they are comfortable, and give them some compliments after the session about what they did well
- avoid negativity - don't comment on what you think your child could have done better, our coaches are there to help them improve, it's more important that they know you are proud of them no matter what!
- kick a ball around: take the time to have some fun outside of Shooting Starz, this encouraged your child to see the sport as a fun, safe activity (plus, extra ball time = more development!). It is crucial that you seperate your time with them from the time they spend with their coaches, keep it simple and keep it fun!

Our coaches are there to do the rest. They are experience and trained to deliver sessions and communicate with children in a way which helps them improve without knocking their confidence. They are the best at putting on fun, engaging sessions so don't be afraid to leave them to it - but if you do have concerns make sure to chat to them, they are there to help!

My child wants to join a team. What’s the best way to make that happen?

We recommend that before a child joins a team they first attend a development session to see if they enjoy it and to allow our coaches to assess their ability. If you know your child wants to join a team, please chat to your coach about the following two options to see what one best fits your child:

FC Starz:
- play in a variety of leagues
- currently over 25 teams
- ages U7-U15 (yr2 - yr10)
- trials are held in the summer for the coming season, we occasionally have space throughout the season for more players.

Visit the teams page for more information.

5ives League:
- internal 5-a-side league every friday night
- approximately 50 teams across 7 leagues
- best way to enter is to gather a team of 6-8 children
- to enquire about a individual child, please get in touch
- each team can choose to have a coach provided by Starz, or to have a parent coach
- new league starts every term

Visit the 5ives page for more information.

Why can’t I see the results for my kid’s FC Starz team?

FA guidance is that results should not be published for under 7 to under 11s. According to their website, this is because "children are competitive by nature, they want to win and don’t need a league table or results section on a website to confirm this."
We too, believe that children shouldn't play football for the results, but instead because they enjoy it!

Can you get my child a trial at a professional club?

At Shooting Starz our ethos is to encourage youth participation in sport. We do this by providing engaging, fun sessions that lead children to loving sports. For us, a child's happiness is more important than any dream to play football as a career. We will always put children's happiness and enjoyment first.

However, we do provide an exceptionally high standard of coaching. We also have lots of extremely talented children. This paired with our contacts in the industry has meant that we have had multiple children join elite academy clubs after successful trials including clubs like Fulham, QPR and Arsenal. If your child is ready to begin their journey into an academy we will work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure the process is as smooth as possible, providing support to not only your child but also you during this exciting time.

We also run elite sessions and camps internally for exceptionally talented players. If we believe your child is ready to begin to bridge the gap between FC Starz and Academy level football we will contact you and ensure that your child is happy every step of the way.

My child has been approached by a professional club. How should I consider this opportunity?

Firstly, what an exciting time! We are always pleased to hear of positive opportunities for your children!

However, it is really important not to jump feet first into a decision. It is extremely important to understand what exactly is being offered to your child in order to decide what is best. But don't panic, we are here to help.

Most professional clubs offer both Acadmies and Development Centres. Whilst both can be an exciting prospect, it is essential to understand the differences.

Academies will typically run one team at each age group. Your child will not have to pay and will be signed on a contract for the duration of the season, if not longer. Most clubs only have one academy side that will train at the club's training HQ.

Development Centres (*also known as elite / satellite centres) are normally run by the community section of the club - not the academy. Your child will have to pay to play and they are much bigger with up to 200 children per year group.

Often, the lure of a club's name encourages parents to place their child into development programmes where they do not understand what is being presented to them. Whilst development centres may still provide a route into the academy, they are completely separate.

We know that at Shooting Starz we offer just as many, if not more, opportunities than development centres. It is important to consider your child's happiness, the process of uprooting them and what they are developmentally ready for before making your decision. We recommend that if your child has been offered an opportunity at an academy or development centre that you contact us/ your coach directly to arrange a meeting where we can discuss all of your child's options. Luke and Yusuf can be present for these meetings and will always be happy to impart their wisdom and advice, alongside your child's coach to decide what decision is best for your child. You can find contact details for all members of staff here.


My child is just starting out at netball. What’s the best place to start at Shooting Starz?

We recommend that before a child joins a team they first attend a development session to see if they enjoy it and to allow our coaches to assess their ability. If you know your child wants to join a team, please chat to your coach about the following two options to see what one best fits your child:

Starz Netball Club:
- play against other local teams
- u8 - u15, years 3 to 10
- trials are held before players can attend
- very busy and a high standard

Visit the teams page for more information.

High 5ives:

- internal 5-a-side league
- every Friday
- approximately 12 teams playing across leagues
- best way to enter is to gather a team of 6-8 children
- to enquire about a individual child, please get in touch
- each team can choose to have a coach provided by Starz, or to have a parent coach
- new league starts every term

Visit the High 5ives page for more information.

Do the Starz Netball teams play competitive fixtures?

Yes, the teams are part of the Middlesex Junior league. All players must register through England netball. For more information please visit our teams page here.

When is the Netball training?

- development every saturday
- teams train Wednesdays play sundays
Visit the netball page for more information.

Where is the training?

Depending on the time of year we have an indoor and outdoor venue. Our indoor venue is Latymer Sports Centre, Hammersmith and outdoor venue is Club Des Sport, Acton. For more information please visit the netball page.



A gymnastics uniform is included with your membership package.
If attending a trial your child can wear anything comfortable and easy to move in, i.e, leggings and a t-shirt.
Long hair will need to be tied back and jewellery and loose clothing removed.

For more information about Gymnastics please visit our page here.


Encouraging your child to do conditioning at home will aid their progression however the most important thing is that your child enjoys it! Your child's coach will be able to provide you with some safe exercises to help your child improve their strength and flexibility if they want to do extra.

For more information visit the Gymnastics page here.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact the relevant team. You can see the contact details for all our employees here.

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