Shooting Starz Gymnastics: Soaring Since February 2018

At Shooting Starz Gymnastics, we've embarked on an incredible journey since our establishment in February 2018. Our story mirrors the phenomenal rise of gymnastics, with a commitment to excellence that has led to remarkable growth and achievement among our young gymnasts.

All Abilities, Ages 2-12: Everyone's Welcome!

Age is no barrier at Shooting Starz Gymnastics. We enthusiastically welcome children aged 2 to 12, regardless of their gymnastic experience. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where every child can shine.

British Gymnastics Qualified Coaches: Guiding Your Starz!

Our coaching team comprises British Gymnastics-certified experts with a wealth of experience. They are dedicated to nurturing your child's gymnastic talent and ensuring they reach for the starz!

Earning Proficiency Badges: Celebrating Success!

Our young gymnasts can earn proficiency badges in apparatus such as beams, bars, vaults, trampettes, and floors each term. These badges represent their progress and achievements on their gymnastic journey.

Safe, Friendly, and Fun Environment: Learning and Growing Together

Our lessons are thoughtfully designed to create a secure, welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere. Here, children learn, grow, and make friends while having fun.

Unlock Your Child's Gymnastic Potential: The Journey Begins Here!

Our gymnastics program is divided into three stages:

- Foundation Classes: These are perfect for beginners, focusing on fundamental skills and teamwork.
- Intermediate Sessions are ideal for progressing gymnasts refining technique and knowledge.
- Advanced Gymnastics: Invitation-only, mastering higher-level skills and preparing for competition.

Shooting Starz Gymnastics: Where Every Child Shines!

Whether your child is taking their first somersault or aiming to perform at the highest level, Shooting Starz Gymnastics is their launchpad to gymnastic success. We're not just a gym; we're a supportive gymnastics family.

Let Your Child's Star Shine Bright: Join Us Today!

Begin your child's incredible gymnastic adventure with us. Contact us now to take the first step towards their gymnastic dreams, or click the button below to find out more about our gymnastics club.

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